Case Company

Prodigal Case Label

Draughon Brothers, inc. is proud to offer Prodigal Cases!

     Since 1990, Draughon Brothers has been building custom cases for our customers. With more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing cases for ourselves we have learned what it takes to make a case that can take the rigors of load in and load out in the toughest conditions.

     Every case is laid out in AutoCAD to its unique specifications and cut using our CNC Dual Head Router.

     Case designers can lay out many different configurations to meet your needs, but at Draughon Brothers, inc, we are interested in finding the right solution for you.

     In addition to case manufacturing we can also work with you to create custom wiring configurations. Utilizing proper cable management and quick disconnects we can help ensure a quick, reliable, and repeatable set up every time.

     Our cases stand the test of travel and time. Though they return with the battle scars from the road; rest assured “They Always Come Home.”

Please visit our case gallery section to view a few pictures of cases that we offer.